Director’s Statement

In 2007, I traveled to Vietnam. From my travel journal: “Hanoi. Arrived late. The room has no windows. Woke up when it was still dark. Could not find the light switch. Is this day real? An invisible world. I remain lying on the bed and listen. Distant clattering of pots and pans. A street alarm. Damned dogs. Somebody at the door. “Good morning, sir. English newspaper.” I take the newspaper to my room, turn on the light. Find an article about the blind poet Thanh.”
Moved by his story, I decided to visit him. For two days I traveled with the train from Hanoi to the Province. On my way, a young man assisted me by calling up Thanh and informing him of my visit. During our first encounter, we could hardly understand one another. Upon arrival, a handshake. Upon departure, an embrace.
Back in Germany, these events grew into more than just a memory. The trip to Vietnam had become a trip into the darkness.
(the article in Viet Nam News)